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Can't wait for school!
Why 'Pampatalinong Tinapay'?

If you've watched a Tagalized Doraemon episode, this might ring a bell.

Nobita was lazy--as usual--to study for tomorrow's exams. He somehow coaxed Doraemon to help him--again. Doraemon showed Nobita a cool thingamajig from the future: The Memory Bread (or Pampatalinong Tinapay in Filipino)!

The bread works like this: First, you need to get a slice of this kind of bread (you can get a loaf or more from Doraemon). Then, you put the bread on the page you want to learn. Finally, eat the bread!

*The comic strip above is viewed from right to left. :D*

So, that's that! :D Haha! So I still haven't answered my question.

Ron (click here to see his blog) and Ate Kamae (click here to see her blog) made me do this! They did! Wait till I tell Mom! *runs* *laughs out loud* They told me that I could use Pampatalinong Tinapay as my blog name. The name sounds catchy too! Thanks, guys! :D

Feel free to look around. Tag if you want to! Enjoy! Thanks for visiting! :D